The Williams Office of Fellowships helps students extend their learning outside of the classroom. A national fellowship or a Williams College award may help you fund graduate study in the US or abroad or support travel, study, and experiential learning as an undergraduate. From the initial inquiry to the nomination and selection stages of a national competition, the Fellowships Office works with undergraduates, seniors, and alumni to prepare competitive applications.

Chandler Fellow Jimmy Grzelak '13 with Fulbright Scholar Carly Valenzuela '13

In Bangkok, Thailand

Watson Fellow Abdullah Awad '13 in Kashmir

A morning Shikara ride

Donovan-Moody Fellow Mike Essman '13, pursuing an MSc in Global Health Science at Oxford University

Mike (first row, second from the left) played for the Oxford Blues 1st team.

Dr. Herchel Smith Fellows at Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Alec Greaves-Tunnell '13, Bryn Falahee '13, Uttara Partap '13, and Cheng Chai Chiang '13

Fulbright Scholar Carrie Tribble '13 in Peru

Gathering data on wild medicinal plants

Watson Fellow Emmanuel Whyte '13 in Ghana

Teaching boys to draw

Fulbright Scholar Clint Robins '11 in Malawi

Researching wildlife conservation

Chandler Fellow Jimmy Grzelak '13 in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City singalong

Fulbright Scholar Jennifer Law '13 in South Korea

Teaching English

Zina Ward '12, Sam Mazzarella '12, Hilary Ledwell '12, and Evelyn Denham '12 in Croatia

Three Dr. Herchel Smith Fellows and Gates Scholar Evelyn Denham on break from graduate studies at the University of Cambridge

Dr. Herchel Smith Fellow Charles Rousseau '11 and St. Andrew's Scholar Hannah Cunningham '11 in England

On Grassmoor Summit in the Lake District

Dr. Herchel Smith Fellows at the University of Cambridge

Charles Rousseau '11 (middle) and Scott Olesen '10 (right)

Florence Chandler Fellow Chie Togami '13 in New Zealand

Studying and living in intentional communities in Japan, New Zealand, Germany and Scotland

Fulbright Scholar Lauren Agoubi '13 in Ireland

Studying at the National University of Ireland-Galway

Hannah Kaemmer '13 Fulbright Scholar in the UK

At Hemsley Castle with fellow archeology students; Hannah is second from the right.