Logging in to the Fellowships GLOW page

Students interested in pursuing fellowship opportunities should enroll in the Fellowships site on Williams GLOW. You can access application instructions and other helpful documents.

For many of the Williams College Fellowships, and many of the national fellowships which require a campus endorsement, you will submit your applications via the GLOW site.

To enroll follow these steps:

  1. Logon to Glow http://glow.williams.edu/
  2. Click Edit this Page button at the upper right hand corner
  3. Add My Courses block. and click Enroll in Other Courses
  4. Click All Courses in the block
  5. Click Organizations to locate Fellowships
  6. Click Fellowships to enroll yourself , and select Yes to confirm.

Alumni who are interested should contact Lynn Chick, Fellowship Coordinator, for access to the GLOW site. mchick@williams.edu