Undergraduate Opportunities

National Undergraduate Fellowships

Beinecke Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to to juniors prior to entering graduate school and while attending graduate school.  2022 Awardee:  Gold Carson ’23   2019 Awardee:  Joseph Moore ’20  Campus Information Here 

Critical Language Scholarship Program
Fully-funded summer language institutes for U.S. university students, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.  2019 Awardee:  Niku Darafshi ’21

DAAD RISE Summer Internships
Summer internships in biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences and engineering.

Davis Projects for Peace
Grant for projects that promote peace and address causes of conflicts. Recent winners:  Nikhil Palanki ’20, Amber Lee ’21, Papa Freduah Anderson ’21.

Fulbright Summer Institutes
Study and cultural exploration in the U.K.

Gilman International Scholarship
Study abroad during the summer or academic year.  2014 Awardee:  Miaoru Guan ’17

Goldwater Scholarship
Supports for students pursuing careers in mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering. 2023 Awardee:  Sasha Shakov ’24  2022 Awardee: Isabel Albores ’23  Campus information here

Truman Scholarship
Awarded to juniors in support of postgraduate study in any field who are committed to a career of public service.  2023 Awardee:  Niko Malhotra ’24
2020 Awardee:  Chris Avila ’21 

Campus Truman information hereVideo Information Session 

NSEP Boren Scholarship
Support for summer, semester, or year of undergraduate study abroad.

Udall Scholarship
For sophomores and juniors committed to careers related to the environment, tribal public policy, or Native American health care. Financial support for your Williams education. 2022 Awardee:  Isabel Albores ’23 

Williams Summer Undergraduate Fellowships

Williams offers many opportunities for students to continue their intellectual pursuits during the summer months. Sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply for summer research and travel fellowships. First-years, sophomores, and juniors are eligible to apply for grants that support intensive language study abroad. Interested applicants should attend information sessions offered each fall and during Winter Study. Applications are due early each spring semester for summer funding.

The application is now closed for summer 2023 awards, you can find out more here.  Applications for summer 2024 will be due in February 2024.

2023 Summer Fellows Listed Here

Application information is here

The Roche Student Research Fund

The Roche Student Research Program offer selected students the opportunity to demonstrate initiative in pursuing an area of research driven by their own intellectually curiosity.   It supports research or creative endeavors that complement a student’s academic course of study.  It is expected that the project will contribute to significant academic achievement.  Preference will be given to rising seniors for whom a proposed summer research project will catalyze a full-year honors thesis. First-years, sophomores, and juniors are eligible.

The Lawrence Fellowship

The Mary and Nathaniel M. Lawrence Memorial Fellowship makes relatively modest grants to support travel abroad that lead to personal growth and development, similar to the spirit of a Watson Fellowship. A student’s project need not have an academic or primarily educational component.  Sophomores and juniors are eligible.

The Robert G. Wilmers, Jr. 1990 Memorial Student Travel Abroad Fellowship

Supports substantial academic research projects that require foreign travel. Successful projects will present an ambitious intellectual proposal with clear objectives and a defined research methodology.  Sophomores and juniors are eligible.

Wilmers Language Grant

Made possible by Robert Wilmers and Gertrude Wilmers, in memory of their son, Robert G. Wilmers Jr. 1990, the fellowship sponsors students planning to enroll in a full-time formal language study program for a minimum of four (weeks in a country where the target language is commonly spoken). First-years, sophomores and juniors are eligible 2023 Wilmers Language Grant Fellows

The Class of 1945 Student World Fellowship

Funded by those classes whose academic careers at Williams were interrupted by World War II, these fellowships support projects of travel and study abroad that aim to increase international understanding, peaceful resolutions to cultural conflicts, and social action that forges links among countries. Sophomores and juniors are eligible.

The Russell H. Bostert Memorial Fellowship

Supports academic research in the United States or abroad. Preference will be given to Division II majors, with preference to history majors and secondarily area studies and political science majors specializing in international relations.  Sophomores and juniors are eligible.

The Cherie Levien Memorial Journalism Fellowship

Enables a student to pursue scholarship and personal interests in journalism during the summer. The selection process emphasizes creativity in project proposals which may cover a range of media, subject matters, and locations. Sophomores and juniors are eligible.

William C. Millard 1929 Fund

Relatively modest grants to support travel, study or a creative pursuit in the United States or abroad. A student’s project need not have an academic or primarily educational component. Sophomores and juniors are eligible.

Library Special Collections Summer Research Fellowship

These fellowships are designed to support use of Library Special Collections (the Chapin Library or the College Archives) over the course of a summer. During a fellowship, students work closely with library staff to discover new areas of interest or to continue ongoing projects. Proposals for research in the Chapin Library may make use of the library’s extensive rare book collection or its manuscript collections. Applicants will be evaluated on their proposed use of materials held in Library Special Collections and the impact of their research project. Fellows will be funded according to the Williams campus summer rate of $400 per week. To learn more about Special Collections, visit specialcollections.williams.edu.

Dunbar Student Life Essay Prizes

Cash prizes for writing on a topic relevant to student life.  All current students are eligible.   2022 Awardees

Liebowitz Fellowships at Middlebury Summer Language Schools for Williams College undergraduates