Postgraduate Opportunities

National Fellowships

Some national fellowships will require campus endorsement.  Please read application instructions and criteria, and then complete the 2024 Early Interest Form. You can also contact the Fellowships Office directly to set up an advising appointment.

Carnegie Junior Fellowship
Research assistantships at Carnegie Endowment.  2019 Awardee:  Jeremy Smith ’19

Instructions for Williams applicants

Chinese Government Scholarship 
Fully-funded graduate study or language study in universities in China.

Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs  Professional development in government and non-profit sector.  2024 Awardee: Kiara Royer ’24. 2023 Awardee: Caitlin Han ’23

DAAD Study Scholarship
Supports independent study or master’s degree in Germany.  2017 Awardee:  Erica Lansberg ’14

Fulbright Scholarship
One-year grant to conduct research or teach English outside the U.S.

2024 ETA Awardees: Pierre Cativiela ’24, Morocco; Maya Jamroz ’23, Turkey;  Amy Martinez ’23, Mexico; Julia Peabody Harhigh ’24, Germany; Daniela Reyes ’24, Italy; Rwick Sarkar ’24, Ecuador.
2024 Study/Research Awardees: Robert B. Smith ’20, Jordan.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has once again named Williams as one of the top producers of US Fulbright Student Awards in the country.  Current students and alumni interested in applying through Williams should open an application on the Fulbright website.

Resources for Williams Applicants

Davis Projects for Peace
Grant for projects that promote peace and address causes of conflicts. 2023 Awardee:  Shiara Pyrrhus ’23.
2022 Awardees:  Himal Pandey ’25 and Chander Payne ’24.  Williams candidates apply through the Pathways for Inclusive Excellence Office.

Ertegun Graduate Scholarship in the Humanities
Graduate Scholarship at the University of Oxford.  2022 Awardee:  Emily Chen ’22

FAO Schwarz Fellowship
Two year fellowship working with a leading nonprofit in NYC, Boston or Philadelphia. 2023 Awardee:  Avery Trinidad

Ford Foundation Fellowship
Supports postgraduate study for students committed to college/university teaching and research.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship
Supports full-time graduate students at the University of Cambridge. 2021  Awardee: Nicholas Goldrosen

Hertz Foundation Fellowship
Supports Ph.D. students in the physical, biological and engineering sciences.

Knight-Hennessey Scholars Program
Funding for any graduate degree at Stanford University. 2021 Awardee:  Mohammed Memfis ’21   2019 Awardee:  Eva Fourakis ’16

Luce Scholars Program
Language training and individualized professional placement in Asia. 2021 Awardee: Jason Mazique ’21

Marshall Scholarship
Supports full-time postgraduate study in the U.K.  2022 Awardee RB Smith ’20
Campus Application Instructions       Marshall Information Session

Mitchell Scholarship
For one year of postgraduate study in Ireland or Northern Ireland.  2019 Scholar Keshav Goel ’19

Resources for Williams candidates

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Supports science, technology, engineering, mathematics and some social science postgraduate study in U.S.   2023 Awardees: Olivia Barnhill ’19, Adam Dionne ’22, Coly Elhai ’19, Uriel Arturo Garcia ’21, Kimberly Hadaway ’21, Angel Ibarra ’21, Ethan Lopes ’20, Abby Matheny ’22, Ahna Pearson ’20, Alex Quizon ’21, Anna Ringuette ’19, Hisham Tadfie ’23.  Honorable Mention:  Gabriel Patenotte ’21, Justin Berman ’21, Isabel Benjamin ’19.

Pickering Graduate Fellowship
Funding for graduate study in public policy, foreign affairs,  political science or similar master’s programs related to foreign service.  Includes two paid summer internships.  2014 Awardee:  Mpaza Kapembwa ’15

Rhodes Scholarship
Full financial support for postgraduate study at the University of Oxford.

2024 Awardee: Cole Mason ’24

2019 Awardee:  Linda Worden ’19
2016 Awardee:   
Diala Al Masri CDE ’15
2014 Awardee: Brian McGrail ’14

Campus Application Instructions    Rhodes Scholar Info Session

Samvid Scholarship  Supports graduate study in the U.S. for students with a record of academic achievement, leadership, and a bias toward action.
2022 Awardee:  Kevin Yang ’22

St. Andrew’s Scholarship
Supports postgraduate study in Scotland. 2019 Awardee:  Quenton Hurst ’19

Resources for Williams candidates

Schwarzman Scholars
Selective one-year master’s program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. 2023 Awardee:  Ben Platt ’23, 2022 Awardee:  Bo Kane ’17    2021 Awardee:  Julius Dodson  2019 Awardee:  Kai Cash ’19 

Watson Fellowship
One-year grant for independent study and travel outside the U.S. 2023 Awardee: Shiara Pyrrhus ’23   2021 Awardee:  Crystal Ma ’21, 2020 Awardee:  John Romans ’20

Complete this Early Interest Form 

Resources for Williams candidates

Winston Churchill Scholarship
Supports a year of postgraduate study at University of Cambridge. 2015 Awardee: Jesse Freeman ’15

Resources for Williams candidates

Williams College Fellowships

Current seniors are eligible for all Williams College funded fellowships.  For more information contact Katya King, Director of Fellowships. Application instructions for Williams College Fellowships can be found beneath each fellowship description. 

Dr. Herchel Smith Fellowships
Funds two or three years at Cambridge University, tenable at Emmanuel College. One award must go to a student in the natural sciences.  2023 Awardees:  Alexandra Bettez, Josephine Gollin, Jackson Hartigan, Daniel Kam, Allison Li, Chenyang Sun & Madeline Ohl

Campus application instructions

Dorothy Donovan/John Edmund Moody and Allen Martin/Carroll Wilson Fellowships
Two years at Oxford University. Donovan-Moody tenable at Exeter College, Martin-Wilson tenable at Worcester College. 2023 Awardee:  Alexis Poindexter  (Donovan-Moody) The Martin-Wilson  Fellowship was not offered in 2023.

Campus application instructions

Florence Chandler Memorial Fellowship
Post-graduate intellectual development while living abroad. Comparable to the Watson Fellowship. Not for formal academic study.  2023 Awardee:  Lour Yasin 

Campus application instructions

Horace Clark Fellowship  Suspended for 2024
Partial funding for graduate study. Graduate program admission required at the time of application. 2022 Awardee:  Jason Meintjes

Campus application instructions

Hubbard Hutchinson Class of 1917 Memorial Fellowships
$25,000 award based on achievement, promise, and intent to continue creative work in music, creative writing, visual art, dance, and theater. Usually awarded to majors in field.   2023 Awardees:  Lemmy Evans (art), Alex Bernstein (dance), Francesca Hellerman (music), Kara Hadden (theater), Alameda Chapman (writing)2022 Awardees:  Joseph Messer (art), Noah Jacobson (music), Ashley Xu (dance), Nadiya Atkinson (theater), Shayla Powell (writing).

Campus application instructions

Jeffrey Owen Jones ’66 Fellowship in Journalism
$15,000 to start on a career in journalism, broadly defined.  2023 Awardee:  Cameron Pugh ’23

Jones Fellowship Information Sheet

Jones Fellowship in Journalism – Application form

Application deadline: April 29, 2024

John A. Lowe III ’73 Special Collections Fellowship
One-year position at Williams Libraries.  Open to Williams graduates who have completed their BA within the previous five years.

Frederick Eugene Stratton Fellowship in Biology
A fellowship to support graduate study in biology in the United States not within medical or other professional school.  Candidates must be graduating seniors. Off-cycle students should wait to apply until the spring in which they will graduate.  Contact the Chair of the Biology Department for application instructions.  2022 Awardees:  Nicole Alvarez ’22 and Patrick Hodgson ’22