The Williams Office of Fellowships helps students extend their learning outside of the classroom. A national fellowship or a Williams College award may help you fund graduate study in the US or abroad or support travel, study, and experiential learning as an undergraduate. From the initial inquiry to the nomination and selection stages of a national competition, the Fellowships Office works with undergraduates, seniors, and alumni to prepare competitive applications.

Luce Scholar Sam Lewis '15 in Laos

This photo shows Sam at the Kuang Si waterfall just outside of Luang Prabang.

Sarah Vukelich '16, Florence Chandler Fellow

Sarah is examining activism and community organizing in Canada, South Africa, and Argentina.

Vidya Venkatesh '17 in Dublin

Studying philosophy at University College Dublin, standing in front of a hotel where Wittgenstein used to stay when visiting Dublin.

Gemma Holt '17 and Deanna Segall '17 in Finland

Deanna Segall '17 a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Poland visits Gemma Holt '17 in Finland where Gemma is studying on a Fulbright Research Grant.

Jillian Stallman '16 in Morrocco

Jillian studied migration in Spain, Morocco, Sweden, Chile and Senegal on a year-long Florence Chandler Fellowship

Abigale Belcrest '16 in Bousnika, Morocco

Abigale is a Fulbright researcher studying the family court system in Morocco.

Maryanne Rodriques '15, Fulbright ETA in Turkey

At Sapanca Lake near Sakarya University where Maryanne teaches.

Fulbright Scholar Anyela Perez Garcia '14 in Colombia

Conducting research in La Periquera, Villa de Leyva

Nathan Miller '15 Watson Fellow

Making music and having fun!

Alexandra Mendez '17 in Spain

Alex is an English Teaching Assistant on a US Fulbright in Asturias, Spain. Here she is on a hike in Galicia.

Aseel Albuhab '15, Watson Fellow in Finland

Finnish Sign Language class at the World Federation of the Deaf. Aseel is studying deaf culture around the world.

Sarah Cooperman '17 in Mauritius on a Chandler Fellowship

Sarah is studying bats for 2017-18. Here she is with litchi growers whose crops have been devastated by the Mauritian flying fox.

Fulbright Scholar Fernando Lora '14 in Brazil

Enjoying the sunshine!

Gemma Holt '17 with Santa's reindeer!

Gemma is conducting research at the Arctic Center and studying at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland, a Fulbright grant.

Jack Hoover '15 graduates from the University of Oxford

Jack received his M.Phil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies.

Elizabeth Curtis '17 on a Research Fulbright in India

Elizabeth is speaking at the Fulbright mid-year South and Central Asia conference.

Elizabeth Curtis '17 in Bahraich District, India

Elizabeth is conducting research on sustainable health practices in rural India.

Vidya Venkatesh '17 at the Peninsula of Howth

Vidya is studying philosophy on a Fulbright grant at University College Dublin.

Sarah Cooperman '18 in Tonga

Sarah is studying bats for one year on a Chandler Fellowship.

Looking for Bats!

Sarah Cooperman '17 on a Chandler Fellowship in Tonga. Her project will take her to Japan, Australia, Ecuador and Latvia this year.